Masks of the Tribunal

Author: Matriarch Drevlan
Released In:

This book was included in Ghost of The Tribunal from the Creation Club

The Goddess commands you to recover the artifacts of her fellow God-Kings. We have received word that the Mask of Vivec is being transported from Raven Rock to an unknown ship at the dock. We don’t know the destination, only that to ensure secrecy, multiple couriers are being used to hide the identity of the mask bearer.

However, our contact at the docks says the courier is a member of the guard who patrols the Bulwark, and he has plans of his own for the mask. He’s arranged a meeting with a buyer after midnight, at an unknown location.

His greed angers the Goddess. Dispose of them both and return the artifact to her rightful hands.

In addition, the Goddess’ temple is in need of new servants, both to restore this temple and to provide valuable services. Speak to Priest Drureth. He will hand you a letter to be delivered to the banished priestess, Aphia Velothi in Raven Rock. She is a friend to the Tribunal, and will translate it so that it can be passed to the common folk.

When you meet her, be sure to also inquire about the whereabouts of our apothecary, Curate Melita. She had been in search of the Mask of Sotha Sil.

Succeed and you will gain access to the Goddess’ armory. Fail and you will incur her wrath. The law is as the Goddess commands.


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