Gold Coast Twitter Roleplay: Mariana Casca

Released In:

The way Albus told it, tending the lighthouse in Anvil would be a romantic life. So far, it's just lonely. And quite drafty.

Albus has another stomach affliction. These only came about when we moved to the lighthouse. Is it the water, perhaps?

A piping bowl of red mushroom soup did the trick. There is still some tension about him, but Albus is nearly himself again.

Albus couldn't sleep last night. I heard him pacing up to the tower. I hope the evening breeze settled him.

To Albus Casca: Darling, have you heard? There was another shipwreck upon the Skewers!

Yes, such a tragedy. No doubt the Provincial Governor will send her Red Sails to recover the cargo. 


To Albus Casca: Just cargo? But what about the poor sailors who survived the wreck?

I don't expect Governer Fortunata's ships to return with survivors. The Skewers are called that for a reason. -Albus

Last night there were three deaths outside the bank! Travelers, I heard. Anvil is far more dangerous than I'd like it to be.

To Albus Casca and Tahm Casca: So wonderful to host my brother-in-law for dinner!

Yes, wonderful! It will be good to spend time with you and Mariana. I do so enjoy the view from the lighthouse. -Tahm

To Tahm Casca: Tahm, I've never seen him this angry. You need to swallow your pride and fix this.

Contracts take time! I'm in extended negotiations with Count Carolus. Casca's Casks will supply all of Kvatch! -Tahm

To Tahm Casca: If you insist. My advice? My mother taught me that if you can't catch the biggest fish, just catch a fish.

Prudent, prudent. Perhaps I can approach the Cathedral of Akatosh. Do you think they'll have need for lockboxes? -Tahm

To Tahm Casca: That's your business. But if you owe them money, don't show up on their doorstep with a brand new mount.

Yes, I take your point. I will, of course, pay for the damages. Didn't realize its claws could mark stone. -Tahm

Stomach afflictions come regularly for Albus. Enough soup! Tahm once recommended a hearty red mushroom stew. I'll try that.

To Tahm Casca: Albus has been feeling poorly of late, so I made him the red mushroom stew you're so fond of.

It's much better than the soup, isn't it? What did Albus think of it? -Tahm

To Tahm Casca: He said it was his new favorite. That's when I told him it was your suggestion.

And? What did he think?  -Tahm

To Tahm Casca: He had a pained look on his face. But don't worry, It was probably a matter of digestion.

To Albus Casca: I didn't hear you come in last night. What's wrong, Albus?

I was offering prayers at the Chapel of Dibella. I had much I needed to unburden. -Albus

To Albus Casca: You spent much of the night unburdening yourself? At the Chapel of Dibella? Explain.

My love, it's not what you think! I spent hours at Zenithar's Shrine - Jhalnu the Ruby-Eyed's idea. Ask anyone who was there! -Albus

To Albus Casca: Oh, darling. Was it for the poor sailors who died in the Skewers? I didn't realize how their troubles affected you.

You have no idea, Mari. You have no idea. -Albus

Albus is barely sleeping. I should give him room. No lighthouse keeper deals well with news of a sunken ship.

I still don't care for the Red Sails. A city's watch should be distinguishable from the ruffians they oust from the taverns!

The strangest thing! My coin purse went missing in the market. As I searched for it, an Argonian approached and returned it!

He called himself Low-Neck and said he had stolen it. He returned it when he realized I was the 'Lady of the Lighthouse.'

I've never met an apologetic pickpocket. I didn't know what to say, so I thanked him. He was so pleased. What a strange town!

I miss home. When will the Imperial City be free of the Daedra? When will this terrible war end?

I finally told Albus. If he doesn't attempt to dampen his ill mood, he can sleep in the lighthouse tower.

Albus lost his temper with Tahm again. I've encouraged him to apologize in person. Traveling to Kvatch can only do him good.

Not an hour after Albus leaves for Kvatch and I spot a nixad on the roof of the lighthouse. Vile little creatures!

The nixad smeared a drawn face on the lighthouse mirror. It took me half an hour to scrub the foul stuff off.

Mari, I will be in Kvatch longer than expected. I need you to maintain the lighthouse while I'm away. -Albus

To Albus Casca: I can manage. How are things with Tahm? And can you swing by the apothecary? There's a nixad in the lighthouse.

Tahm is gone. He passed away last night. The Guard said it was sudden illness. -Albus

To Albus Casca: Albus Casca, what a terrible joke!

It is no joke. Tahm is dead. Mari, I need you to be strong. I don't know how I'm going to bury my brother. -Albus

I couldn't sleep last night. Mostly due to Albus's terrible news, of course. That nixad's horrid singing didn't help matters.

I'll depart for Kvatch tomorrow at first light, attend Tahm's funeral, and return to the lighthouse by dusk.

No ship will be taken by the Skewers while Albus settles his brother's affairs. Neither of us could bear it.

The Divines blessed the Gold Coast sailors with a cloudless sky! The carriage arrives shortly, and then I set out for Kvatch.

This Grand Sermonizer has much to say about Akatosh and very little to say about Tahm. And what is she going on about now?

She's going on about the Dark Brotherhood. At Tahm's funeral? Aren't they a children's story?

To Albus Casca: Albus, I've returned home safe and sound. Did you say something to the Grand Sermonizer about her ... outburst?

I was too angry to speak with her. Am I wrong, or did she imply Tahm was murdered by assassins? -Albus

To Albus Casca: I wouldn't pay too much heed to her words. You know how they are in Kvatch. Always jumping at shadows.

Perhaps. I'm just so tired, Mari. I want to be done with this. -Albus

To Albus Casca: My darling, you always do what you must to get by. It's why I fell in love with you. You can do this.

And now the nixad living in our lighthouse has been joined by two more. Droppings everywhere. Disgusting!

Tahm's affairs are mostly in order. I should return to Anvil in a few more days. Any trouble with the lighthouse? -Albus

To Albus Casca: Nothing I can't manage. All ships have made it past the Skewers. How are you?

I miss you so much. I want to be with you, but all of this is more difficult than I envisioned. -Albus

To Albus Casca: Oh, darling -- I can't imagine. What has caused you the most trouble?

Truly? Reselling that highland wolf of his. Bit of a drooler, that one. -Albus

Enough. I found one of the little beasts doing something unspeakable to my jewelry box. Every nixad will die today.

I finally cleared out the nixad infestation! Bowls of sugar-soaked wine made them drowsy and easy to catch.

From there, it was easy enough to dash their brains against the walls. Even in death they have such a terrible smell!

A man stopped by at dusk, claiming to know Albus. He reminded me of that Argonian cutpurse, but far less charming.

He refused to reveal their business, just mentioned a "mutual friend" wanted to speak with Albus.

I don't care to judge at first glance. You meet all sorts of characters in Anvil. But something about this man was … off.

Albus returned late in the evening. Tahm's death has worn at him. I don't know what to say or how to say it.

I think someone was following me in the market. I didn't notice who it was, but I had a strange feeling.

I must take a meeting tonight in the countryside. I will return in the morning. -Albus

To Albus Casca: So soon after your return? Whatever for?

I need to speak with an old friend about Tahm. He may be able to give me some sorely needed perspective. -Albus

To Albus Casca: Of course. Take your time. I've grown accustomed to maintaining the lighthouse in your absence.

I told Albus about the sense of being watched. He grew alarmed, then quite calm. He insisted I go about my business as usual.

Something weighs at him, but he refuses to share it with me. I don't know how to reach him anymore.

Mari, has anybody approached you recently? Anyone who seemed strange to you? -Albus

To Albus Casca: What do you mean? We live in Anvil. Most of the people are strange.

I'm serious. I don't want anything to happen to you. To us. -Albus

To Albus Casca: Albus, talk to me. What's wrong? Is this about Tahm? There was nothing you could have done. You know that, right?

I know. I know. -Albus

Albus seems full of worry. His digestion, again. I think I'll make the red mushroom stew today. It will remind him of Tahm.

He's dead. Albus is dead! I thought he was sleeping. He was slumped over his desk, clutching a sheaf of papers!

One paper stood out. A list of names? Is "BLOOD WILL FLOW" some sort of warning? It's not in his hand. Whose, then?

The only family Albus had was Tahm. None of my family survived Imperial City. Who is there to tell? Who would care?

I hired a gravedigger to put Albus to rest in a grave overlooking the water. The chapel will send someone to say words.

The Red Sails made an appearance. Poked around and said Albus died of "ailments." I think they took some of my jewelry.

I was summoned by Provincial Governor Fortunata. She named me the new keeper of the Anvil lighthouse.

I explained I have no more ties to Anvil, but Fortunata would hear none of it. Not until she can find a replacement.

Fortunata is right. The lighthouse has to be maintained. It's what Albus would want. Isn't it?

Today I buried my husband. A chanter of Akatosh came from the chapel to oversee the rites. He had some strange questions.

The chanter knew about Tahm. Asked how two hale and hearty men could fall pray to "ailments." I didn't like the insinuation.

I mentioned the papers Albus clutched. The chanter asked me to provide them. I lied, said I had thrown them out. Why lie?

A man pounded at the lighthouse door today. The strange one who came by for Albus not two weeks ago.

He said he needed to see my husband's "special papers." I shut the door in his face! Told him to go away and leave me be.

He doesn't seem like the kind to take no for an answer. Why does everybody want to see Albus and Tahm's papers?

I read through the papers. Ranting about the Dark Brotherhood, fanciful tales of a door that speaks! None of it makes sense.

The man returned today. Through the door he said he needs "the book." Tahm's journal? I sent him away.

First the chanter, now this strange man? How can their writings be of such importance to anyone?

I heard a distant roar to the north. Sounded like a minotaur prowling those old ruins. The door stays barred.

Once more the man returned. Said if I couldn't find him reasonable, he'd send unreasonable company. I slammed the door.

I heard a tapping at the lighthouse door. When I checked, there was nobody there - just a note tacked to the door itself.

What does it mean? 

The man didn't return today. Yet I don't feel relieved. Alone with my thoughts, I keep returning to poor Albus and Tahm.

As I tended the lighthouse flame, I saw an Argonian watching me from down in Anvil harbor, writing in a journal.

At first I thought he had Tahm's journal, but no, it's where I left it. When I looked for the Argonian, he was gone.

Is it a sign? Are Tahm's wild theories about the Dark Brotherhood true? Albus certainly seemed to believe them in the end.

What if the chanters of Akatosh are right? Say the Dark Brotherhood does exist. Wouldn't they wish to stay hidden?

If anyone threatened to expose them, they would take action. Tahm's last meal was red mushroom stew. Same as Albus.

When boiled, the Gold Coast variety of red mushroom has an overpowering taste. Perhaps enough to cover a poison?

Divines forgive me! Did I hand my husband the broth that killed him?

Say the Dark Brotherhood killed Tahm and Albus for digging too deep into their affairs. Does that mean I'm next?

What could they fear from me? I am a widow trapped in a lighthouse!

Tahm's journal is the key! I must confront the matter directly. I have no desire to spread the Dark Brotherhood's secrets.

If it's how their strange magics work, I'll say so in the journal. Ridiculous, of course. But what other hope do I have?

I had a bizarre dream. I was here, in Anvil, but a vast darkness covered the sky. I heard a woman's cruel voice, whispering.

I ran through the streets. Five foul creatures pursued me. I couldn't see them, but I could smell their bloody stench.

I ran and ran, but the creatures pursued me. They encircled me, with sharpened fangs and poisoned tongues. I cried out.

Then a bright light washed over and blinded me. I heard the creatures shriek. Then, nothing. Not even the whispering woman.

As my eyes regained sight, I saw it. Atop the lighthouse burned not a fire, but an hourglass as bright as the sun itself.

In its light I was protected. I felt a warm hand grip mine and knew, somehow, it was Albus. I woke, weeping with joy.

I have opened my heart to the shadowy creatures who would do me harm. They have but to read Tahm's journal to know my intent.

Despite this, should their cruelty exceed their sense, I will soon know if this lighthouse is a bulwark against their malice.

The sermonizers preach of testing one's faith. Tonight, I'll unlatch the lighthouse door. No better way to know for certain.

Light of Akatosh, drive away the darkness. Cradle me in your arms. Protect me from the night and its malignant children.

This morning I woke from a deep sleep. No dark trespassers or troubled dreams. No sense of forboding lingering in the air.

The day is sunny. I should enjoy it, as I used to with Albus. For the first time since Albus passed, I truly feel safe.

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