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Maps of Cyrodiil.

Official Maps

TESIV: Oblivion in-game map, depicting the province in 3E 433. Drawn by Natalia Smirnova.

TESIV: Oblivion map, pulled from the official website, depicting the province in 3E 432. A black and white version of this map appeared in the 3rd Pocket Guide.

Elder Scrolls Online maps depicting central Cyrodiil.

Elder Scrolls Online in-game map of the Gold Coast.

Landscape map of the Gold Coast, taken from the data files of Elder Scrolls Online.

Heightmap of Cyrodiil and the bordering areas, extracted with TESAnwynn from TESIV:Oblivion.

Maps Made or Modified by Fans

An annotated in-game map created by Jonathan D. Wells, detailing the locations found in TESIV: Oblivion.