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Black Marsh

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Maps of Black Marsh, also known as Argonia.

Official Maps

TESIV: Oblivion map, pulled from the official website, depicting the province in 3E 432. A black and white version of this map appeared in the 3rd Pocket Guide.

Elder Scrolls Online ingame maps depicting the region of Shadowfen.

Elder Scrolls Online ingame map depicting the region of Murkmire in southern Black Marsh.

A landscape map of Shadowfen, extracted from Elder Scrolls Online.

A landscape map of the old version of Murkmire, when it was supposed to be located in northern Black Marsh, just below Shadowfen, rather than in the south. It was extracted from the game files early in development, and therefore doesn't have much in terms of landscape textures or locations.

A concept art map of old Murkmire, from when it was supposed to be located in the north rather than the south. Image taken from the 2014 Quakecon preview of the region.

TESI: Arena map, depicting the province circa 3E 389.

Maps Made or Modified by Fans

Fan-made map created by Vality7.