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Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall, TES4: Oblivion.

Mannimarco or the King of Worms was the leader of the Necromancers; the enemy of Mages Guild and the followers of Arkay.

Back in the third century of the Second Era, Mannimarco and Vanus Galerion were the two most prominent students of the Psijic Order. Mannimarco started to practice the forbidden art, the Necromancy. Galerion’s warning was ignored. When the council knew this, Mannimarco was banned from the Isle of Artaeum. Dissapointed with the decision of the council to release Mannimarco, Galerion left the Psijic Order, and established the Mages Guild. Mannimarco started his own guild, the Necromancers.

Mannimarco’s dark arts and powers were growing in prominent and his followers were numerous, from Tamriel to the Sloads from the far away coral kingdom of Thras. Some Tamriel nobles even tried to seek his counsel and assistance. Some of the notable are the arrangement of the marriage between Morgiah, daughter of Queen Barenziah and the king of Firsthold in the Summerset Isle.

Mannimarco uses his dark art to prolong his life. And the clashes with Mages Guild, the successors of Galerion, are countless throughout the ages.

In the Warp of the West, a time-warping event also known as the Dragon Break, Mannimarco received the Totem of Tiber Septim, and when Mantella was released, he gained the control of Numidium. He used Mantella to ascend to Aetherius and installed himself as the god of Necromancer, and known as the Revenant or the Necromancer's Moon.

However, Akatosh soon repaired the effect caused by the the Dragon Break, as reported by Nu-Hatta, "The Jills of Aka-tosh have mended this numidition. Mannimarco remains as he was: the high priest of maggots." Mannimarco was cast back to the mortal realm, however the Ravenant or the Necromancer’s Moon remains, and it is still worshipped and helps the Necromancers throughout the realm.

During the Oblivion Crisis, Mannimarco decided to destroy the Mages Guild. The leader of the Mages Guild, Archmage Hannibal Traven sacrificed himself and put his own soul into a great soulgem. Traven created a trap for Mannimarco, his soul will weaken Mannimarco for a limited time, if he tried to use the soulgem. The trap worked, Mannimarco was greatly weakened, and eventually he was killed by the agent of the Mages Guild.