The Mananaut’s Message (TES3 Mod)

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This mod was was collaboration release on May 16th, 2023 by Douglas Goodall and MelichiorDahrk for Morrowind's 2023 Modathon. The original file can be found on the Nexus here. Douglas Goodall was responsible for most of the writing while Melichior was responsible for the assets and implementation.

As you approach Tel Fyr you will find a mysterious figure standing outside. When spoken to he will speak.

Mananaut Alberius:
"Earth-bound, reborn, hear me. I am Royal Imperial Mananaut Alberius. I seek the fount-criminal Yagrum Bagarn. I dare not approach the tower of the unborn women. I, a messenger, must ask you to carry my message: find Yagrum Bagarn and force him to pay for his crimes."

From here we begin to question Alberius on what exactly he seeks and who he is and about several subject he will comment on.

Almalexia: "Earth orphans are more tragic than star orphans, and earth thieves even more so."
Background: "I was once born on Nirn, like you. Then I took an oath to the hands."
Fount-criminal: "One whose crimes spring forth? The creator of criminal thoughts? The dis-ease of dis-harmony? It is of no matter, only mind."
Imperial: "I am an Imperial in truth, working for the greater cause of the Elder Council and the even greater cause of the dream of Empires' future."
Latest rumors: "The Thief's Right Shoulder dims. The Apprentice's Eyes are winking. Julianos wanes."
Little Advice: "Let the stars guide you in all things."
Little Secret: "All is coming into conjunction. First, the end of the age. Then the end of all ages."
Mages Guild: "The Mananauts soar far from such petty corruption."
Mananaut: "A bit of blackened lint, blown from potential to promise by starlight. You would not survive the stretching of my sails or the brunt of my prow."
Morrowind Lore: "A doomed and insignificant place of littel interest."
My Trade: "I am...a messenger, an explorer, a lawman, carrying out orders you cannot understand."
Nerevarine: "Rejection, betrayal always returns. Sadly, such re-runs are often marred with vengeance. Reject vengeance, or you too shall return and return."
Solstheim: "What of it?"
Vampires: "Earth-only, severed, but their husks are remembered."
Vampirism cure: "If such a thing were possible, it would undermine my mission."
Pay for his Crimes: "I come on the authority of Koor-in-Ymne to punish-accuse Yagrum of waterstriding and refusing to wear the guest glove. His fine is decreed as seventy years, four star children, or two pinches of subcreatia."
-Why not arrest him yourself? "The criminal resides in a wonder-tower. Such powers packed so tight! Such delightful terrors! Such wrestling with definition! It would risk unraveling my potential, and my mission would fail. I, a mere messenger, must hire a more mere messenger to go where I dare not."
-Why arrest him at all? "The Empires need the aid of every star. Yagrum's arrest is a minor detail in but one treaty. This is why a mere messenger such as myself has been sent on this duty."
-Waterstriding? "Yagrum's deeds are known to him. Their tedious details need not concern you."
-Agree to Arrest Yagrum: "As these matters are unusual, I have written of them. Take this letter. Give it to Yagrum. If he understands his crime, if he is willing to make amends, bring me his fine. If not, arrest him and bring him to me so that he may be punished.

The player having decided to help Alberius takes the letter which reads as follows.

To Yagrum Bagarn

Yagrum Bagarn

You are charged with:
Four counts of waterstriding
Three counts of refusing to wear the glove required by guests of the realm

You have been judged and your crimes found worthy of a fine. Koor-in-Ymne shall accept as payment:
Seventy years (sans memories)
Four star children (high charge, unused)
Two pinches of subcreatia (quality)
Your presence, gloved and anguish-ready

Deliver your fine to this messenger or follow him to me.

Royal Imperial Mananaut Alberius

Having read the letter the player heads into Tel Fyr to speak to it's inhabitants.

Alfe Fyr:
Mananaut: "Is that what it is? I feel compelled to go there and reach out to him. Why is that?"

Beyte Fyr:
Mananaut: "He's welcome to enter the Corprusarium with all the others. I wonder what he's so afraid of?

Delte Fyr:
Mananaut: "What a fool. He's come all the way from... wherever to arrest Yagrum, and he won't even come into the tower?"

Uupse Fyr:
Mananuat: "Oh, no! He sounds so lonely and strange. Do you think I should go to him? I feel like I ought to stretch out my hands to him and... and what? I don't know."

Divayth Fyr:
Mananaut: "A Mananut? Here to arrest Yagrum? He is welcome ot try, like anyone else. Perhaps I shall go to him and be polite and engage in conversation.

Finally the player reaches Yagrum Bagarn and confronts him.

Yagrum Bagarn:
Pay for his Crimes: "Pay for my crimes? What is this? Waterstriding? Oh, the glove. Yes, I remebmer them. They were so insistent. I don't see why I should pay any fine for something that happend hundreds of years ago. If the Mananut wants to arrest me, he can come here himself. I am content to stay here under the protection of my gracious keeper."
"I see no reason I should pay such a ridiculous fine for waterstriding, whatever that means, and not being able to wear a tiny little glove. Maybe if I had what I needed for my conveyance repairs, I might reconsider."
Conveyance repairs: " It's a minor matter, but how could I report to be punished if I can barely move from this spot? Divayth Fyr has repeatedly said he would get me the tools I need, but he has so much on his mind."

Taking the hint the player heads to speak with Divayth Fyr.

Divayth Fyr:
Conveyance repairs: "Yes, I have the hammer right here. I haven't brought it to my most distinguished guest for I question whether a working conveyance would be good fro him in the long run. But perhaps we can leave it up to luck and determination. Let us play a game of chance for it."
Play a game of chance: "Are you familiar with stone-cloth-dagger? An Akaviri import, if I am not mistaken. The Dwemer had a similiar game, but they used cards instead of hand signs. Animunculi beats Puzzle Cube. Puzzle Cube beats Tone Key, Blade, and Coherer. Tone Key, Blade, and Coherer all beat Animunculi. Key beats Blade beats Coherer beats Key. I happen to have a set of cards, so we could play for, say, 100 drakes?"
-Key beats Atronach? Tube beats Key? Cube beats What?!: "The thinking of the Dwemer is mysterious indeed. Shall we play?"
-Agree to play: "Choose your card."
--Puzzle Cube: "And I choose Blade, so you win. Please take the hammer to Yagrum with my apologies for the delay."

Returning to Yagrum Bagarn the Player brings the Dwarven Armorer's Hammer.

Yagrum Bagarn:
Conveyance repairs: "Oh? Do you have the tools I need?"
-Give him the tools: "Ah, an original! Yes, yes, soon I will be scampering about like a two-named Perthan! Well, since you helped me, I can part with seventy years. After all, I won't miss them, will I? Here, take these back to this Alberius with my sincere regret."
Pay for his crimes: "I have paid the fine. The matter is setteled. Does Alberius disagree? Is he negotiating in bad faith?"
Conveyance repairs: "The hammer is exactly what I need to repair my conveyance. Perhaps I shall explore the Corprusarium and discover whether I still enjoy hanging from the ceiling."

Returning to Alberius successful the player reports his success.

Mananaut Alberius:
Pay for his crimes: "You have seventy years? And some false regrets. It will be enough. Gratitude is given. You have served as messenger as well as I serve. For that, please take this old set of robes. It was due to be discarded."

Alberius provides the player with a full set of Royal Mananaut Armor.

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