Majid – Please Read

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Lord’s Mail from the Creation Club


As we discussed, this armor is extremely valuable. Please protect it at all costs. You and your men should sleep in shifts in order to prevent any surprises, and dispose of anyone you do not recognize. We cannot be found out.

The buyer will be traveling to meet you in the coming days. We stand to make a small fortune, and you and your men will get the proper cut of the profits, as agreed. The loss of such an artifact will bring disgrace to the Empire, and we should all be proud.

Please be aware, it is extremely important that you do not put this armor on. I did not believe the stories, but when I put it on I was overcome with an uneasy fatigue. Do not tell the prospective buyer about this lest they change their minds. Let them seek out Kynareth’s blessing themselves.

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