Mad Baron Densil, Part the First

Author (in-game): Anonymous

Even the finest families contain a bad seed or two. In the case of the storied duchy of Dufort, it was many generations ago that the heir to the noble line was a fellow by the name of Densil. His cruel reign as the head of House Dufort is remembered to this day, despite the best efforts of house scholars to erase it. Even now, the cottagers around Castle Navire scare their children into obedience with a threat that “the Mad Baron will get your little fingers” if they don’t behave

This stems from the legend that Baron Densil would sever the fingers of anyone who displeased him. The tradition goes that he started with the smallest finger and worked his way up from there. When asked why, he said that the offender retained use of their hands. Thus they could serve the house, but the missing digit (or digits, for repeat offenders) was a reminder of their subservience.

Just a few years ago, a trove of very small bones (most likely finger bones) were found buried on the grounds of Castle Navire. Though this does not give truth to the legend, it does lend it credence.

The depravity, cruelty, and depredations of this spectacularly terrible man make us glad that our current house leaders have progressed from such barbarous punishments.

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