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Lysandus, King


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

Late King of Daggerfall. His widow is Mynisera, the Dowager Queen of Daggerfall. His son and successor is Gothryd, current King of Daggerfall. Lysandus' mother is Nulfaga, the so-called Mad Witch.

When Lord Mogref of Betony vassaled himselft to Daggerfall, King Camaron of Sentinel objected and the war between two political powers of Iliac Bay started, the War of Betony. Lysandus was killed under mysterious circumstances at the beginning of the Battle of Cryngaine Field, at the end of the War of Betony.

A year after his passing, he rose from the death. With his spectral army he haunted the streets of Daggerfall, and shouting "Vengeance..." A mysterious agent was sent by Uriel Septim VII to investigate the death of Lysandus. Eventually, the agent uncovered that in fact that Lysandus was killed by Lord Woodborne, a noble from Wayrest. The agent eventually avenges Lysandus and the Lysandus' spirit is finally laid to rest