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Lyranth took over the Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account on May 11th 2021 to promote the upcoming release on Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. This page records her standalone tweets and her answers to people’s questions.

A device that lets you talk to hundreds of people at once? I can’t imagine why you would ever want such a thing. Mortals truly are curious creatures. 

Come now, ask me your questions. Since you have summoned me in such an unorthodox manner, I will deign to answer a few.

Memo @og_memo1: Who are you and what did you do to TESOnline?

You may call me Lyranth. I am a Dremora and possibly the last of my clan.

JHStarr4 @JHStarr4: I may seem trivial to to you, but what great knowledge can you tell me?

Knowledge of self is perhaps the greatest knowledge there is. Since you already understand that you are trivial in my eyes, there is nothing more important that I can teach you. You do seem to be more self-aware than the typical mortal I encounter.

Murasaki @MurasakiKemono: What is the experience like for a daedra to die and regenerate?

That’s a rather personal question, mortal. But your entire presumption is incorrect. Daedra do not die. When our current form is destroyed… well, it is not a pleasant experience. But as I understand the mortal condition, it is much more preferable to what you know as death.

Eldritch Nya @EldritchNya: If I may ask, how are Dremora such as yourself created?

Another personal and rather intimate question. You mortals have an unusual sense of curiosity. As far as that question is concerned, I have always been and I always shall be. If there was any reality before I came into existence, it obviously has no meaning. At least, not to me.

Viv @vivlr: How do Daedric notions of family work? You have clans, for instance, and apparently even specific named relationships like “father” and “daughter”, but these are clearly not quite what mortals mean by those things. What do they mean to Dremora and other Daedra, then?

Family and familial ties are strictly a mortal concept. You hear and understand purely Daedric terms as “father” or “daughter” because your simple minds cannot grasp the true meaning of our concepts.

For example, you hear Molag Grunda call Molag Bal “father” and your limited perceptions think parental unit. But the true word and its meaning in the language of Oblivion encompasses “creator,” “master,” and so much more.

We do not birth offspring in the crude and messy manner of mortals, if that’s your question.

AlvinAwesome Dragon Knight of the Pact: How do dremoras reproduce? Do you like guy dremoras or humans as companions?

Watch your tone, mortal. I am not obligated to answer such questions.

Tiki @AhnaHyouki: As a collector of secrets, what kind of mortal lands do you prefer exploring to find said secrets? Jungles? Deserts? Or something else?

I prefer to avoid the mortal realm as much as possible. Jungle, desert, windswept peak, the terrible smell is all the same to me. How do you mortals stand living on a world such as this?

To be cut off from the myriad realms of Oblivion, that would be an unthinkable fate. As for secrets, they do intrigue me. But more so, I love to collect answers. That’s the true currency of the planes of existence.

The Council Shall Judge You Now: What are your thoughts on love?

Why would I have any thoughts at all on a notion as ridiculous as a mortal emotion? What you call love is no different from sadness, joy, or indigestion.

I might ask, what are your thoughts on the effluvium oceans of crimson that float through the skies of the Colored Rooms? No, don’t bother with an answer. I couldn’t care less.

ElderScrollsOnlineFR @TESOnline_fr: Bonjour Lyranth !
Do Dremoras sleep? And if so, can they experience nightmares in the way us mortals sometimes do?

When will the collective stain on existence known as mortals come to understand that Daedra do not suffer from the temporal condition. If anything, we inspire the dreams and nightmares of your kind. Especially the nightmares.

Erika @kexira: You obviously have a lot of disdain for mortals, Lyranth. But what do you like best about them?

Of mortals, I have only this to say. You have your uses. Some of you, at least.

Meldamiriel @someponygonemad: Lyranth, my friend!

Our paths have crossed once more. Have you encountered more cultists since we last met?

Meldamiriel @someponygonemad: Oooh plenty! They soon were introduced to my sword 🙂

Pirate Pekingese @iowacard: Curious on what you’ve been doing since our run thru imperial prison and cold harbor.

Are you a chronicler of some sort? Interested in recording every minuscule detail of an existence that is oh so much greater than your own? I was doing… things. Activities beyond your limited comprehension, in places you can’t even begin to imagine.

I did attend a performance at the House of Revelry. Out of curiosity. To tell you the truth, I found THAT to be incomprehensible.

Era @Era_de_Lupi: What are your thoughts on werewolves and vampires?

Mongrel beasts and blood-sucking leeches. At least, that’s how the Daedric sage Rrvenk described them to me. Have I even met such a creature? Perhaps, but I must confess that one mortal looks like any other to me.

A little more fur and perhaps some fangs doesn’t really change your pathetic disposition enough to warrant a deeper inspection. No offense intended.

Pim @pvstijn: What’s your opinion of the Alliance War? Which side would you like to win?

The Alliance War? Oh, you’re referring to that quaint disagreement between the mortal nations of Tamriel. What does it matter to an immortal being such as myself which side comes out ahead? Will the outcome be significant in a century? In a millennium? I think not.

LMar @GuarMarf: Also, Lyranth, why are the portals in Blackwood so different  from the one in Firsthold and City of Ash where  Mehrunes already broke through??

Are they? I hadn’t noticed.

Caius Demands Blackwood @COvinius: What’s your favored form of torture? If you have one of course.

Are you sure you want to know the answer to that question? Ignorance can be a kindness.

Austin @nitasu987: Hi Lyranth!!!
First, I never got to properly thank you for your help in Coldharbour. We mortals appreciate it immensely!
This might be a silly question, but what do Dremora eat typically? Do you have a favorite food?

Mortal food? Why in Oblivion would I want to consume such disgusting substances?

Although the sweetroll wasn’t totally disgusting.

Anna Erlandsson @AnnaCeras: Are you a cat or a dog person?

I have tasted both and prefer neither.

Captain Korasi @CaptainKorasi: Is there any chance of the Foolkillers returning to power or did Lord Warden Dusk put them out of business permanently?

There is always a chance, little mortal

Aaron Beadle @BeadleEDU: Have you ever shot a nord with an arrow to the knee?

Mortals always ask the strangest questions.

Bethesda Nordic @Bethesda_Nordic: How does one become as cool as you? 

Temperature extremes do not bother me, mortal. But if you are referring to the concept of my being altogether marvelous and most excellent, put that notion right out of your mind. I am Dremora. You are not. No matter how hard you try, that is one chasm over which you cannot leap.

big capri sun @Burnished_Fangs: What’s your favorite color? If the answer is the color of mortal blood then give me your second favorite

I have always been rather partial to the deepest shade of terror that manifests above the Soul Shriven pits of Coldharbour. It’s really quite beautiful, especially after a session of torment conducted by a Titan or a talented Dremora overseer.

Torchbug Emperor @CaptainDumac: Have you seen my keys I dropped them somewhere and I can’t find them

You are quite curious for a mortal. And who might you be?

Ramram @saviorshide: can we go on a date

You don’t really expect me to answer that, do you little mortal?

And now this arcane enchantment that compelled me to answer the inane questions of mortals has run its course. Lyranth is once more free to go about her much more important business. But know this, little mortals:

I am deeply involved in an investigation of a group of Dagonists. I am merely curious as to their intentions, but some of you might find the notion that followers of the Prince of Destruction are active on your world disturbing if not outright terrifying.

Disasters on a Daedric scale are not something fragile creatures such as you can safely ignore. When next my search brings me to Blackwood, I may call upon you for assistance.

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