Log of Elberon the Great, Vol 3

Summer was a maze of tunnels and pipes, and no doubt centuries of neglect had left the place in a state of pure haywire. Lava spewed from every stone orifice I could see, and unbearable heat made for a precarious journey, and many of the lesser mercenaries turned back to cooler times. But the dwemer had predicted such superheat, indeed no doubt this unbearable weather was what summer meant to them. Even as I pulled myself through the swelter, I noticed repair spiders darting to and fro, ignoring me and heading into side sections, which revealed great levers. Flipping them released some sort of magical coolant, reducing the heat from impossible to merely annoying. Perhaps if enough of these spiders were directed to overheated sections and enough coolant levers flipped, I thought, I could find out what secrets this section of summer beheld.

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