Log of Elberon the Great, Vol 2

Spring greeted me with a splash of color, as beautiful flowers grew everywhere. And I do mean everywhere dear reader, as they were wild and hostile, covering the floors and even a few unfortunate corpses. This horrific sight of beauty was soon ruined by the choking air. Thick, toxic pollen floated everywhere, spewed out by the various flowers. Perhaps the dwemer had allergies to surface flora, and saw Spring as nothing more than a season of suffering. While the mercenaries coughed and vomited from the effects, my strong constitution allowed me to notice strange spriggans shambling through the artificial forests. Where they passed, the buds receded, and the air was clean and breathable. Were these the tenders of the gardens, or just a consequence of its existence? Regardless, I endeavored to follow the path of the spriggans, leading me deeper into the ruins.

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