AFFresh: A Little Light Wood

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When you encounter Thavere Vedrano in the lighthouse you can ask her about her job which will lead her to asking you to make a deal with a Daedra.


Thavere Vedrano:

Seyda Neen Lighthouse: This is a very important lighthouse, which prevents dozens of ships from crashing onto the rocks every year. Not to mention guiding Imperial captains into port. I am the keeper of the lighthouse, a job made easier when we have a steady supply of light wood.

Imperial Captains: Many of the ships from the Empire that dock here are not familiar with the Inner Sea. Or they were appointed by family connections instead of earning their rank. In any case, some of them have a very difficult time finding Seyda Neen, even with the lighthouse.

Light Wood: Alchemists have another name for it, but we commoners just call it light wood. It burns longer and brighter than any other wood. Usually the monthly supply ship brings ome, but this month it brought two prisoners instead, and Sellus won't let me burn them. I can use regular wood, of course, but I have to climb the stairs a dozen times a night to refuel the fire. I heard... from a traveler that there is an Ogrim south of Pelagiad, just east of the road there, who claims to have light wood and will give it to anyone who solves some kind of riddle. If you are willing to go there and get the wood, I will try to think of some suitable reward.

-Deal with a daedra? No thanks: I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't want to deal with any daedra, not even one of the Anticipations. I would never do such a thing. Not even on a bet. Not even if I had a few too many drinks at Arrille's. Not me. [whispers] Gah nchow!

--Agree to get the wood: Good luck. Like I said, the daedra is south of Pelagiad. Or so I heard. That's a village just up the road north. Head out of Seyda Neen past the silt strider and keep going north until you see the Ogrim. It's just before the road branches to go inot the village. The daedra's waiting for someone. Next to a pond. Allegedly.

Asking again: Did you find the daedra? Or the wood?


Following the directions to the daedra the player finds an Ogrim who is willing to speak to you. Most dialogue options will lead to same outcome.


Puzzled Orgim:

Come, Thavere. Answer Lord Koxuath's riddle. Hm. You man-thing. Not Thavere. Ha ha! You answer anyway.

Lord Koxuath's riddle: Okay here's the first riddle.

-Nevermind: Okay, bye. Lod Koxuath will, uh, will do a thing to you. When he gets back.

-Wait, you said riddle not riddles: So?

--Fine. Give me the first riddle.: Okay, the kind of coat that is always wet when...or when you're wet, and you put the wet coat...what kind of coat you put on to get wet.

---What are you even talking about?: --- ...A Raincoat?: --- Paint? A coat of paint is wet when you put it on?: Uh, maybe? Okay, next riddle. Uh, I forget what Lord Koxuath said, but I know one! How many alchemists does it take to screw in an alembic?

----That's a joke, not a riddle: You answer me or no?

----One, it's easy: NO. That's not right. You messed it up. I can hit you now.

-----Come on, hit me: -----Wait! One is the right answer.: Uh. Uh. Maybe it is best we go to last riddle: Three chests. Pick one! One treasure, one nothing, one death by tiny cuts!

----Two?: Ha Ha! Two! but they have to be really small! Ha ha! I don't get it. Vlaeqora tell me this one. She say it is best one. Okay, last riddle: Three chests. Pick one! One treasure, one nothing, one death by tiny cuts!

-----That's not a riddle, either: Lord Koxuath say more, but I forget. Uh, west chest is best? The trap protects nothing? The middle road explode? One treasure, one nothing, one death by tiny cuts!

Asking him again: Pick chest! Pick chest! Pick chest! Behind you!


From here three chests spawn behind you floating in the air. If you choose the wrong box the Orgim will laugh saying "Wrong box" and disappears and either a swarm of rats will spawn or an explosion from the box will occur.


If you choose the correct box the Orgim will state "No!, Now I don't get to beat you" before disappearing. Inside the box is the light wood which you return to Thavere.


Thavere Vedrano:

Light Wood(killing Daera): It was an Ogrim and you killed it? Good, but...where is the wood?

Light Wood: Did you find the daedra? Or the wood?

-Not yet: I understand. I would be terrified to deal with a daedra myself

-Yes (Give light wood): Yes, this will save me so many trips up the stairs the next few weeks. I tried to think of a suitable gift and settled on this Kwama Miner's belt. It isn't quite as good as carrying your own lighthouse around, but I hope it serves you well. Hm? The Ogrim referred to me by name? How very odd. What a mystery. What a shame it will never be solved.

Asking again: Yes, thank you player. You have no idea how many trips up and down the stairs this has saved me. Not to mention the time spent gathering fallen branches in the swamp will all those mudcrabs. Or the risks of dealing with a Daera.


Thavere gives the player a belt called Kwama Miner's Friend with a powerful light spell on it.


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