List of Underground Fish

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

Good news! The other day I stepped on a rock and nearly lost a scale. I was about to curse the rock, put it an envelope, and mail it to a Daedric Prince – one of the nasty ones of course – when I realized the rock was shaped like a fish!

Truly this was a sign from the Divines that you had succeeded in your tasks. I am glad to see the rock was correct and I do not have to burn this letter in shame.

As such, you will next travel to where rocks and fish live in harmony – the dank, sun-starved caves of Skyrim. From their waters I seek the following:

Glass Catfish
Tripod Spiderfish
Vampire Fish

I wish you luck, which you will almost certainly need, unless you have a lucky hat like I do. I will not loan you my hat, but you are welcome to read the fourth volume of Fishing Mastery to give yourself an edge.

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