List of Fair Weather Fish

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

Ours has dreamt of these waters many times, filled with strange, exotic fishes from all over Skyrim. No, not fishes. Friends! Well, at least until they’re harvested and sold as food. We have a business to maintain, after all. Friendships can only go so far before gold gets in the way.

The fish in my dream seemed to be okay with this arrangement, and he rarely lies to me. And so, with his blessing, I will teach you to catch these fish, and in exchange, you will bring them here.

Here is a list to start with:


They are fair weather fish, and should be easy enough to catch. Even so, please read the first volume of Fishing Mastery, written by yours truly. A copy should be sitting on a shelf in the back room of the Fishery. When you are done, return to me and we will find our new friends a home, and you some coin.

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