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Liminal Bridges: Straw Theory

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[Author's Note: I came up this idea as I was falling asleep one night. I thought it was fairly interesting so I've done my best to put it onto paper. This is just a bit of fanfiction i'll try to push into some lore conversations where possible. lol. It should be noted that this is not a part of the current fanfiction contest happening at the moment on The Imperial Library and it is probably for that reason why this might get overlooked. Regardless, I hope whoever reads this finds it interesting. That is all. Enjoy!]


Liminal Bridges: The Straw Theory

Tailin Sero

The Imperial Library


Liminal Bridges, more commonly known as “Oblivion Gates”, are doorways, or portals, between Oblivion and the mortal plane, Mundus. It is well known that a sigil stone is required to open these doors, but that does not explain why conjurers are able to summon weapons, armour, and other beings from Oblivion without the need of a sigil stone.

This is where Straw Theory comes into play. All around us, all across Mundus, are tiny microscopic holes/tubes, like drinking straws. These miniature Liminal Bridges, permanently connect Mundus with Oblivion and allow one to bleed into the other and vise versa. One could say they’re a sort of Daedric counterpart to the Magna Ge, the stars.

When a mage conjures an item or creature from Oblivion she is really widening one of these tubes, so that the magickal makeup of the item/creature may slip through and retake its shape on the other side.

Afterwards, the hole shrinks back to its previous size. This is due to the effect the Dragonfires have on these holes, what is commonly misinterpreted as “the barrier” between Mundus and Oblivion. Though as I’ve mentioned above, the holes are continuous, unblocked, tubes between realms.

When an Oblivion Gate is opened, it is really just a tube stretched to the point where daedra and other beings may pass through the door with ease. Other such gates in history are the Dark Anchors of Coldharbour last seen during the Interregnum, or more recently the Strange Door that opened in the Niben in circa 3E 433, rumored to lead into the Shivering Isles of Sheogorath.

These stretched holes are harder to close and may even leave loose or torn holes in their wake. The tears, though invisible to the untrained eye, can be exploited and be used to reopen doors to Oblivion, as the mage Ezhmaar Sul did during the invasion of Umbriel in the town of Ione, circa 4E 40.

In conclusion, the doors to Oblivion are many, but very small, and despite the Daedric Princes opening their great gates on numerous occasions, they have always been closed, or at least reduced in size.


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This is a great way to look at how Oblivion and Mundus are connected, very believable! Something I'm sure to ponder for a while.

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Thanks! I glad you like it.