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Lhotun, King


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

Lhotun, is the current king of Sentinel. Lhotun is the third child of Queen Akorithi and King Camaron, brother to Greklith and Aubk'i.

He uncovered his family secret that the first child of Camaron and Akorithi was left to die in remote castle because of the frail health. He somehow regrets his parents decision. He managed to located the remain of the firstborn and worked in secret to make sure anyone responsible for the firstborn's demise received punishment.

The Warp of the West made Sentinel's teritories extends, and now Sentinel rules most of north Hammerfell. Years after the event, an outbreak occured in Sentinel and took the life of Queen Akorithi and Greklith, the official heir. Lhotun took the throne, and rules Sentinel.