Letter from Viriya

Released In:
Author (in-game): Viriya

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

[Player Name],

Thank you for everything you’ve done for the Fishery, as well as your heroic deeds on the northern shore. I am writing to let you know that I can no longer provide you with fishing bounties. Allow me to explain.

The others at the Fishery have never understood my appreciation of mudcrabs, and our recent battle has only increased my respect for these lovely clawed creatures. I’ve learned so much about how to raise them, all thanks to the juvenile mudcrab you brought me not long ago. And so, I have decided to leave the Fishery to strike out on my own as a crab merchant.

There’s space for a market stall in the Grand Plaza, but I don’t have the materials I need to build it. I’m no smithy either, so I’ll have to buy the materials myself. I plan to spend my every waking hour working to save up for it. I’ll need a large bundle of wood, nails, iron fittings for the stall doors, and a lock to keep my earnings safe.

One day, I will have my dream of my own market stall, brimming with crab! Swims-In-Deep-Water will no doubt be repulsed. He’s never kept his distain of mudcrab a secret. Speaking of our fish loving friend, you can still seek work from him if you are so inclined.

— Viriya

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