Letter from Shogarz gra-Batul

Author: Shogarz gra-Batul
Released In:

This book was included in Headman’s Cleaver from the Creation Club

To all capable warriors,

A group of bandits have stolen something of great value to my family’s kingdom, the Headman’s Cleaver, and fled to Skyrim like cowards. We believe they’re remnant members of the Greencap Bandits, who have been a thorn in the Queen’s side from the day she was born.

Our sources tell us they’re holed up in Lost Knife Hideout, and as the Queen’s strongest knight, I have been tasked with retrieving it. However, if I don’t survive, I ask that you eliminate these bandits in her name. The Queen will gladly bestow the cleaver to the one who vanquishes her oldest enemy.

Shogarz gra-Batul

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