A letter from Oran Dres

Author: Oran Dres
Released In:

Most merciful master,

I am most ashamed to report that I have not completed the tasks you set for me, but I am writing on an unrelated matter.

A sload merchant passed through Tear just two days ago. I know you desire a full translation of Kvata! Kvakis! so when I saw the airship glide into port, I felt I should attempt to obtain such a translation on your behalf.

I ran back to my rooms at the inn to get my copy of the book. The sload at the docks claimed that he could not translate the book due to youth and ignorance. He expressed great doubt that any book was written by a sload, even claiming that they have no written language “which only causes misunderstanding.” Fortunately, he agreed to a meeting with the captain of the airship in exchange for a handful of minor souls of troublesome beasts.

And so I ascended the gondola. I shall try to present my conversation with the captain to the best of my recollection:

“Your business is not known to this one.”

“I have acquired a book that I believe was written by a Sload. I am willing to pay well for an accurate translation.”

“Impossible! A violet pearl! A tame sea! Let this one observe this book.”

He read the brief contents of the book, an unreadable expression on his, for lack of a better term, face.

“Tells you this one two things with no obligation.”

“Please, tell me whatever you can!”

“The first. This one will not translate this book.”

“Surely we can come to some arrangement–”

“Nothing may alter the outcome,” said the captain. “Fore-ordained, star-crossed, observed, all its fates collapsed.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The second. No isomorphisms between this book and the Sload. A book for fools is this.”

The captain threw the book back at the wall, damaging its spine as you can see when it is returned with this letter. I was devastated. I did not know whether to believe the captain or not, but I knew I would not find what I sought here.

“Know you this. Remembrances this one contains of one known to the substantial as N’Gasta. Such this one would lend to you, in your temporary ways.”

“You have memories of N’Gasta?”

“Indeed, hatched am I from the very pool.”

“How will you give me a memory. A spell, or–”

“Inspection this one allows at the time of the sale, on penalty of forgetting. Now the terms this one is willing to discuss. Memories: six months, seven events, eight secrets, this one offers of the one known as N’Gasta. What is your offer?”

We bargained for over an hour, but in the end, I could not meet his price. The price in drakes was far too high to even think of transporting it, much less paying it. He was willing to accept a certain quantity or quality of soulgems, but I could not quite understand his terms. If I am correct, he wanted the equivalent of over fifty perfect soulgems filled with the souls of greater Daedra and Altmer. If I had the empty gems, I might be able to collect that many in a year, but I could not collect so many in the few days his ship would stay in port. He expressed a passing interest in my own soul, but he seemed to know that I was in your service. Forgive me, master, but at that moment I almost wished I was free.

Once I returned to the ground, I was not certain whether the captain was honest, or if it was all a trick. The captain said that his ship would pass through Necrom in a few months. I hope this letter reaches you before the ship arrives. If you can reach him personally, perhaps you will negotiate better than I.

Your ever humble servant,
Oran Dres

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