Letter to Gisli

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Grey Cowl from the Creation Club

Construction on the port east of Jehanna has been approved and will begin once the transfer of land is official. The boy’s consent should suffice, as the head of the Ice-Blade clan has long been absent and the mother has taken ill, per your brother’s instruction.

The deed is enclosed with this letter. Sending the boy to Riften before he’s old enough to grasp what happened is a good idea. Not the orphanage though. It’s best he live in comfort lest he suspect our motives.

Still, it’s a dangerous gambit, made more complicated should the rightful heir return. Your brother would kill me for saying this, but if you have the chance, it may be worth selling the venture for the right price. This has been more trouble than it’s worth.

— M

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