Letter to Gals

Author: Dralcea Arethi
Released In:

Dearest son,

How are things on your ship? You must spend hours and hours sailing from port to port with nothing to do, but you never take the time to write your poor old mother a letter? What will your ancestors think when you meet them?

Why don't you come to Balmora for a visit? You can dock the ship partway up the Odai, you know. I don't live on Akavir.

Shurik and that wife of his have a new baby. A girl. Have you seen her? Have you written? I'm sure Ulyna and Edryno would love to see you, too. Do you just ferry people back and forth every single day? You stay in House Telvanni territory so much, can't they just teleport for one day so you can come see your mother?

Are there any women in your life? Any chance of some very pleasant news?

If I planned a family gathering in Vivec for my sixtieth birthday, would you be able to come? I'm sure everyone else will be there. Surely Edryno isn't still mad at you. You never told me what happened.

With love,
Your mom

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