Letter to a friend

Released In:
Author (in-game): Valentyn


I had to borrow your shield. It was an emergency—the kind that makes you crazy enough to borrow your best friend’s (did I ever tell you that you really are my very best friend?) shield without asking. I’m sure you noticed the dent by now, and maybe the broken strap, but I’m good for the repairs.

Remember the girl at the flower stall? I figured out how to impress her! My buddy in the guard and I were going to stage a mugging on her. He’d hop out from the shadows as she headed home, and I’d be her knight in shining, um, shield, and come to the rescue!

We had it all planned out. I waited in the alley, but when the attack started, there were three of them—actual robbers! I fought bravely and knocked one out, then convinced the rest to just take my gold and leave us be. I think she was impressed! I’ll pay you back soon, promise.


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