Letter found in a den of Daedra worshipers

Author: Initiate Marcellinus
Released In:

Initiate Pulcheria,

We were in the same summoning ceremony three nights ago upon the mountain. You may remember me—I was noted by our ritual-master for my strong chanting voice and mastery of the dread syllables (for such a new worshiper, at least). I’m not usually one for letters of this nature, but I must say: I was simply astounded by your conjuration abilities. Your sigils were traced perfectly, the daedroth you called forth was one of the finest and strongest I’ve seen, and the power that radiated from you … I was speechless.

Pulcheria, I believe we can do great things together. I feel we should convene privately to discuss the potential for destruction and chaos we could unleash. In fact, let’s make an evening of it! I have a wonderful recipe for stewed mudcrab and know the perfect little hillock where we could meet.

Eagerly awaiting your response,
Initiate Marcellinus

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