Letter found in caravan wreckage

Author: Timothe
Released In:


I hope this letter finds you well in Shornhelm. I regret to admit that things in Camlorn are not what I’d hoped. Since last I wrote, my situation has worsened. The farm is entirely fallow; I can’t grow even the hardiest crops. I hesitate to mention this, but strange vines have been appearing in the garden, growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen. I know other farmers who’ve seen the same. They say it’s bad magic, that it’s an omen. We took up a collection to have an alchemist all the way from Daggerfall out to examine them.

If this continues, I am not sure what I will do. I have felt great unease these past weeks. It must be the superstitions of the farmers getting to my head. I shall write again as soon as I can.

Best regards,

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