Letter to an estranged son

Released In:


You are a continued embarrassment and a smudge on our lineage and to all High Elves, but it seems you are well-aware of that at this point and simply do not care. Your mother and I are absolutely unable to fathom why you insist on these escapades. And after all we have done for you—the apprenticeship we arranged, the lodgings in Firsthold, and the carefully-researched engagement to a daughter of surprisingly impressive bloodline, all thrown away.

Until you come to your senses, consider yourself cut off from all inheritance. We will no longer finance your education and enable your questionable choices. We will never recognize your “marriage” to that scruffy Khajiit, and will not aid in your indiscretion. We demand the return of all family heirlooms, including your grandfather’s armor, immediately. Do not force us to send someone for them.

Signed and Witnessed,
Your Eternally-Shamed Parents

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