Letter to Dralsea

Author: Gals Arethi
Released In:

Dear mother,

I am well. Healthy. Business is good. I wrote you only last month about Ulyna's visit. Did you not receive it?

No, I cannot dock the Elf-Skerring on the Odai.

So Shurik has another child? How time flies. Edryno would not love to see me, as you well know.

Yes, there are women in my life. One member of my crew. Many of my passengers and employers: merchants, wizards, pilgrims, Tong, slaves. Bosmer, Imperials, Redguards. All kinds of women.

I will do my best to be at your sixtieth birthday, but please send the invitations with the details a few weeks in advance. I did not receive the last one until two days before the event.


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