AFFresh: A Letter For Darvam

Released In:

After completing Nephata Hleran's quest she will give the player "Letter for Dravame" and requests you deliver it to her cousin Darvame in Seyda Neen.


Nephata Hleran

A few Coins: ..."Oh yeah, I forgot. I have a letter for Darvame. You can deliver it, right?


The letter is coded and unreadable but the player returns to Seyda Neen to delivery the letter.


Darvame Hleran:

Letter for Darvam: Nephata has a letter for me? What is it? It's in code? Oh, I be this is for Darvam Hlaren in Ald'ruhn. This isn't the first time this has happened. Feel free to take it to him. I don't want to get involved in whaever he's invovled in.

Asking again: As I said, that letter may be for Darvam in Ald'ruhn.


The player then heads to Ald'ruhn to find Darvam by asking around.


Any NPC:

Letter for Darvam: Everyone knows Darvam. He runs the Council Club. He's almost always there.


Heading to the Council Club the Player finally finds Darvam and delivers the letter.


Darvam Hleran:

Letter for Darvam: A letter addressed to me? May I have it?

-Nevermind: This could be something important. But I won't know without seeing it, will I?

-Give him the letter: Hm. Yes, yes, this is definitely for me. For your service, and your continued service, allow me to give you something you will reember. They say a magic ring is always welcome, and this one is especially appropriate for this situation.

Asking him again: Yes, you have already given it to me. The rest is not your business.


Darvam gives the player a ring of silence. But this quest is not over yet, there is more information to gleam from Darvam. Return to him when you are at least an Operative in the Thieves Guild and he will have more for you.


Darvam Hleran:

Letter for Darvam: [whispers] Yes, Operative, I work for the guild. I have no love for the Tong. They killed my brother for a trivial slight. That letter was from Stacey, informing me of who will come to pick up my next journal of observations. It is slow, dull, and dangerous work, but necessary. And if I can harm the Tong, so much the better. Alas, they aren't using this Council Club as a meeting place right now, but they will return.


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