Letter to Clexius

Released In:
Author (in-game): Avanessa Calladius

Book added by Goblins from the Creation Club

Dear Clexius,

It’s as you feared. The news here in Riften is troubling on many levels.

Now, I’ve studied goblins all my life, and while customs differ from tribe to tribe, one thing has always held true. They are beholden to their shamans, and removing them will turn the entire tribe docile.

Moreover, we have seen this method work in practice, most famously with the Three Feather tribe near Bruma. Yet still the rumors persist of goblin activity near the border.

Most disturbing is the news that the “Blue God” himself is leading them. Could it be Malacath himself in some form?

Regardless, if some Daedric being has found its way to this realm, this is a cause for concern. I’ll be heading to Gromm’s Pass in the morning to investigate.

Faithfully yours, Avanessa Calladius

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