Letter 6 For The Battlespire Hero

Author (in-game): Vatasha Trenelle/Josian Kaid

So much for the disguise. One of the big ones caught me sneaking around, and ripped into me. I knocked him through his hat, but he mussed my garments in a most thorough fashion. I think they may be on the lookout now. Be careful.

I’m depending on silent feet and shadow spells now. You’ll need two amulets to get past the warding sigils. I left an extra one here on the dock. I found the gate, many rooms on, past a graveyard, but don’t know how the gate works. I’ll hang around and slip through with the next courier. If I can leave the gate open, you’re golden. If not, you’re on your own. Maybe there’s an inscription or manual hidden around somewhere.

Stay AWAY from the wraiths. I can’t even scratch one. The big Daedra are tough, but dumb – either they don’t know spells, or can’t cast them worth a damn.

Next is a place called Shade Perilous. It’s a Daedra stronghold, not one of the Dagon holds, but a Noctural domain. Makes no sense to me – Dagon and Noctural are supposed to hate each other – but we’ll see soon enough.

Keep a’coming.


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