Letter 4 For The Battlespire Hero

Author: Vatasha Trenelle/Josian Kaid

Glad you could make it.

bad news - 1. wizards & guards dead. No prisoners I could find. 2. Daedra everywhere. Little long-ears - weak, but sneaky pack fighters. Big eyeless things with long arms - stupid and very tough. 3. Paxti Bittor is the traitor. Daedra may have some codes and keywords, but there're plenty of rooms and passages I can't get into. 4. Teleports don't work. Maybe mana locks, keywords? Look around - wizards are sloppy with security. 5. Floating symbols are magic sigils, and deadly! Weir gate is sealed by a REAL nasty one. Daedra wear amulets marked with same symbols. Tried to pass symbols wearing right amulets, but some work, some don't - can't figure pattern.

Good news - 1. I'm sticking close to a boss daedra named Sumeer. Stole a cloak, hood, & amulet from a careless bodyguard. Sumeer has a mass teleportation artifact, I think. I wear the amulet, and go when he goes. 2. My Plan A: stay close to Sumeer and improvise. 3. My Plan B: Find an amulet with the same symbol as the one blocking the weir gate to get me back through the gate, or find something or someone else to get me through. Elseways we will never see Tamriel again. 4. My Plan C: Sneak until I'm discovered, then take as many with me as I can. 5. Don't think they know I'm here. 6. Command and security are sloppy. Politics? 7. Left you a pair of healing potions in this scroll. Toast my health when you quaff them.

Suggestions - 1. The door to the teleportal off the north corridor near the tiger rug has some sort of password protection on it. Get it working. It leads upsection to Battlespire libraries, barracks, armories, and such. DON'T COUNT ON ME to get this open. I'm riding the boss daedra's coattails. 2. Find out how daedra got here. Bittor, the traitor, was master of teleportation and voidgates; that's the likely route. 3. Search for codes and keys and clues and weapons. I don't think the daedra got them all by a long shot. I couldn't search the battlemages or guards without drawing attention to myself, but some of them may have had time to leave something for posterity. And this is the Battlespire, for gods sakes. Who knows what stuff they have around here? 4. Stay with me, pal. Even if something happens to me, look for what's left. I'll make sure I pass on anything I can.

Stay with me. Vatasha/Josian

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