Letter 1 From The Dremora

Author (in-game): Anonymous

We the Dremora are true to our word.

This place is closed to us, and the help we can provide is limited.

You are now in the place of the Hunt.

To leave this realm you must enter the gate in the great horned temple, in the walled city to the East.

You will require six keys to enter the temple. If the Hunt were fair, you would find them abroad in the island.

The Hunt is not fair.

The hunter has taken one to prevent your escape. The touch of his spear is death, and no mortal weapon can harm him.

Your plight is utterly hopeless and impossible.

Therefore we assume that you may be somewhat delayed.

The old man in the lonely cottage knows what you need. He will test your patience, but persist and the reward will be great.

Farewell, strange mortal. Enjoy the Hunt.

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