Leonaud Niscel’s Journal

[First Entry]
I found Elenglynn right where the mapmaker in Skingrad said I would. A typical example of late-period Ayleid architecture. A brief search revealed a door leading to the vaults below. If there are any forgotten treasures to be recovered from this place, that’s where they will be. I’ll begin my explorations in the morning.

[Second Entry]
Well, Elenglynn lives up to its reputation for deadliness! The upper passage is a gauntlet of swinging-blade traps. Simple mechanical devices, easily avoided with careful timing.

The forest beasts are more of a problem. Elenglynn’s upper levels are positively infested with wasps and hoarvors. They must have found their way down here through natural fissures or collapses.

[Third Entry]
I made it past the flooded upper hall and found myself in a series of chambers illuminated by Ayleid crystals. Naturally, I encountered more traps—dark welkynds, in this case. The black crystals lash out with blasts of energy if you venture too close. I also found minotaurs, but I expected that. I avoided the brutes with a little stealth.

[Final Entry]
I reached the maze of Elenglynn, but I suffered a setback. I was ready for the gas grates—I have seen them in other Ayleid ruins. Wasn’t expecting undead guardians as well. Ancient skeletons, hidden by green mist pouring from the grates. Didn’t see the one behind me. I managed to retreat, but not before he got me.

Too tired and hurt to continue right now. Think I’ll rest here for a bit, then make my way back to the surface.

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