Legate Adventus Caesennius’s Note

Author: Adventus Caesennius
Released In:

Book added by Civil War Champions from the Creation Club

A troop of Stormcloak rebels have challenged us to a battle on the fields of Whiterun. They want us to send a garrision of our greatest champions to fight theirs. I’ve talked to General Tullius and we can’t rule out the possibility this is some kind of trap.

After all, the traitors have shown they have little concern for loyalty, it’s doubtful they would give honor the same courtesy.

Still, winning this would dispel a lot of the mystique around their warriors. If we win, it’s a huge blow to their morale. If we lose, we’ll let it be known that our champion was just another soldier.

Regardless, it’s best we find someone who’s willing to give their life for the cause. If they somehow survive, they’ll have earned the armor we forged them.

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