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Xan, Lady N

After Fang Lair, Ria Silmane made another visit to Eternal Champion. She said:


It seems that you are well chosen. I see that you have won the first piece of the Staff. That in and of itself is not a simple task. Tharn it seems, is not as concerned with you as I had thought he would be. Perhaps he thinks you dead or lost in the sewers from which you escaped. That is well, for I have discovered the second piece's location. There was once a great maze, built by the Archmagus Shalidor to guard what he called, Glamorill, the elven term for 'The Secret of Life'. I know not the location of the great maze, which was called the Labyrinthian, but somewhere in its twisted corridors lies the second piece of the Staff of Chaos. Shalidor, according to the old texts, made his home in the Fortress of Ice. He would not have built the Labyrinthian far from his home. I would search to the north for such a place. I wish you well on your journey...

The frozen north meant Skyrim, so the Champion headed there. Eventually, the citizens of Winterhold were able to provide useful rumors:

The Labyrinthian's twisted corridors could trap you forever. It seems however that you are certain of this choice, so I implore you to check with the Mage's Guild. They have come upon hard times, and would probably help you with any quest that would give them knowledge...

I heard that knights out of the Fortress of Ice rode into town last night and attacked the Mage's Guild in search of a map to the Labyrinthian! Check at the Guild, they may be able to help you...

The Labyrinthian is said to hold treasures beyond imagination, and dangers that can kill those not fully prepared. The only place I'd think to ask is the Mage's Guild. If anyone had information, they would...

The Mages Guild seemed like an appropriate place to find out about an Archmagus, so the Champion made their way there.

Welcome, [player name], to Winterhold. I trust that the weather has not affected you adversely? Well, it has come to my attention that there have been certain inquiries about the Labyrinthian. My name is Thelen Kaarn, and I find this quite interesting. Few have sought out this legendary place, many less have found it. Perhaps we can do each other a favor. Allow me to explain.

A few days ago knights from the Fortress of Ice attacked a small caravan destined for our Guild. This caravan was to deliver to us an object of unimaginable importance, a missing tablet that would help decipher a part of the Elder Scrolls. This piece completed a map to the Labyrinthian. No doubt the knights returned with their booty to their Fortress, and are by now deeply ensconced within its walls. We could not hope to get in there and recover that tablet piece. We are not prepared for such an endeavor. If you would agree to attempt this, I would gladly tell you location of the Labyrinthian. All I need is the missing piece to solve the puzzle. Will you agree to help us?

Not wishing to disappoint, the Champion accepted the quest.

I am pleased to see that you do not shy from danger. Enough talk then, here is the location of the Fortress of Ice. When you have the missing
piece, return here with it and I will share with you the location of the Labyrinthian...

Thelen gestures once and the location of the Fortress of Ice is magically inscribed onto your map...

After recovering the tablet from the Fortress of Ice, the Champion returned to magister Kaarn for their reward.

I had hoped and prayed for your safe return. I see you were successful. Your deeds will be sung among the tales of heroes. If you will wait a moment, I will give you what I promised...

Thelen fits the piece into a larger tablet, then reads what is written. He gestures for your map. With a feather pen he inscribes the location of the Labyrinthian, somewhere in the Skyrim Province, onto your map...

The Champion headed south to Labyrinthian and to recover the second piece of the Staff of Chaos from inside its wintery walls.


Stubborn grass and roots stand in the stiff arctic clime, refusing to yield. Ahead of you stands the entrance to the Labyrithian, testing ground of the Archmagus Shalidor. Within its twisted paths lies the second piece of the Staff of Chaos.


Exiting the Labyrinthian, the Eternal Champion had to face Jagar Tharn's image again:

You have survived the Labyrinthian, a place most dire. Continue along this path however and you will face such things as to make your very heart freeze. I will save you the ordeal for my servants approach you even now. From your managled corpse I will take what is mine..."

His minions attacked, but still the Eternal Champion survived.