Kyr’s Log

Author: Kyr
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Frostmere Crypt, Week 12

What a disaster. We haven’t seen a caravan in a week. We actually lost ground in the tunnels- Thal and his team were crushed when their section collapsed. I’ve heard word of a mutiny. If next week isn’t any better…

Frostmere Crypt, Week 13

Two new recruits- Eisa and Ra’jirr. Girl said she did time in Cidhna Mine, down in Markarth, and it shows- she’s got more experience than all of us put together. I’ve put her in charge of the dig. Cat’s good with a blade, so I’ve sent him topside with the raiders.

Frostmere Crypt, Week 14

Tunnel’s going well. Eisa made our first big find just yesterday- buried chest with a couple hundred gold. Topside, Ra’jirr and his team have hit five merchants this week, in and out faster than the guard could respond. Looks like things are finally going my way.

Frostmere Crypt, Week 15

The tunnel broke out into some kind of giant cavern. There’s whole forest down there- found a nice sword all laid out on some kind of monument and everything. But this is just strange. Eerie. What is this place? Not like any tomb I’ve ever seen.

Frostmere Crypt, Week 16

I think the cat’s gone crazy. All of a sudden, he can’t focus, keeps muttering to himself. He’s gone from our best raider to our worst- botched two jobs just today. Eisa’s trying to cover for him, but she’s not fooling anyone.

Lately, he keeps asking to see my sword, begging to borrow it. Like I’ll let him get his paws on it- it’s beautiful, perfectly balanced, better than any I’ve ever held. Sure, he can have it- right in the gut.

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