Kragrash’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kragrash

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To whomever finds this letter, hear my story.

My name is Kragrash. I have been a hunter in these parts for the last six years. Once a week, I travel to Solitude to sell meat and skins.

On one such trip I spotted a collapsed figure by the roadside, slumped up against a log. I quickly realized that this was Enthiris, a kind soul I would trade and travel with each winter.

His skin was white as a sheet. His sunken face and bite marks on his neck and arms made it clear that this was the work of vampires. Enthiris never deserved such a fate.

I carried him to Solitude to raise the city guard. When I arrived, they acted with indifference as cold as the corpse I laid before them. They had seen this before, they said. They offered to bury him, but their interest in the matter ended there. It was then I decided that, at night, I would begin to hunt more dangerous game.

I have slain over a dozen of the fanged wretches in the months since. In fact, I’d become quite proficient at the task.

Until one night, I found a lone vampire prowling the woods. He stopped to rest, seemingly unable to catch his breath. Whether it was from thirst or exhaustion, I couldn’t be sure. Still, such monsters deserve no pity. So I hid in the brush nearby, drew my crossbow, and lined up the killing shot.

Suddenly, two of the devils pounced from both sides, clawing and biting. I had been led into a trap.

I managed to escape, but my wounds were grave. Worse, I knew from the burning in my veins that I now had the illness that would soon consume me, turn me into one of them.

So now, on what should be my final day as a mortal, I pen this letter, and walk to my favorite overlook south of the Thalmor Embassy to watch the morning sunrise one last time.

I now pass the torch to you, dear reader. Seek out my remains. Among my effects you should find a key. Open my cellar and take up arms I have stored there. Use them to keep travelers safe from the vampire menace as I once did.

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