AFFresh: Kishni’s Escape

Released In:

While exploring Aharunartus the Player will come across a Khajiit slave named Kishni.



Are you not one of the slavers? Will you find a key and let Kishni go free? These bracers pull poor Kishni's fur.

Kishni: Yes?

Go free: Free Kishni? But you need the key. Kishni hears guards say the key is 'on Orc's chest', but Yatur does not wear a key. It is a puzzle.


After finding the key the player returns to Kishni.



Go free: Free Kishni?

-Nevermind: But to free Kishni is easy. You have the key. Kishni is here. One little twist and Kishni is free.

-Unlock the slaves' bracers: Kishni must get back to Vivec. Meet Kishni there and Kishni's husband will reward you.


When next the player finds themselves in Vivec they can ask around about Kishni.


Adondasi Sadalvel:

Kishni: Sounds like a Khajiit. Try asking asomeone else in the Foreign Quarter.


Sevyni Saryon:

Kishni: Kishni? Sounds familiar, but I don't know her. Maybe another Khajiit could tell you.



Kishni: Jobasha did not tell you this, but Jobasha says you should sniff around Simine Fralinie's shop in the Canalworks, on the east side.


Simine Fralinie:

Kishni: Kishni? How did you hear about... I mean, she's here, but she's in the back room. You can't go in there.


After entering the back room you finally find Kishni and her husband alongside Jim Stacey.


Gentleman Jim Stacey:

Kishni: She's with Arantamo. Are you the one who freed her? I'm sure she'll want to thank you.



Player helps Kishni very much. Speak with Kishni's husband, Arantamo, and he will reward you.

Kishni: Thank you, Player. Now Kishni will be well cared for and not working in the fields. Or worse.

Kishni's Husband: Maybe Kishni is not married in the eye of the Divines, but Arantamo is Kishni's. H is so brave and works very hard. He makes Kishni work hard to be a thief.

Go Free: Yes, you freed Kishni and now Kishni's husband is teaching the thief trade. Kishni works very hard to be a good thief and a good wife.

Background: Kishni was born on the Dren Plantation, sold and sold and sold and sold and sold to Mistress Dratha and given to Jolda. But Kishni was no good at mixing or crushing and so much makes Kishni sneeze and Jolda did not want a slave. Then Arantamo came to scam a shipment of Void Salts. Kishni liked to see Arantamo in his fancy clothes, so Kishni followed all the way to Vivec.


Crazy-Legs Arantamo:

Thank you for brining Kishni back to me. I do not know you, but gold is always welcome as they say. This is a trifle compared to what Kishni is worth to me.

Kishni: Isn't she wonderful? She is so fast and confident and graceful. So unlike me. I'm sure my father wouldn't approve, but I just don't care.


Arantamo gives the player 600 gold and this ends the story of Kishni.


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