Kireth’s Notebook, Page 17

Author: Kireth Vanos

My brother is going to be so jealous that he missed this! I know he hates crawling around in dark, dangerous places, but that's where I find all the best stuff for him to tinker around with. I'm always saying, "Raynor, you can't have nice Dwemer things if I don't go down into the Dwarven ruins." Anyway, I'm taking lots of notes, just like he taught me, so he can study them later.Damn it all to Oblivion and back! This notebook loses pages the way a Nord belches while drinking mead—often and at the worst possible moments! I hope I didn't lose anything important.

Oh, that looks interesting! What an amazing bit of Dwarven engineering and craftsmanship! Look at all the circles! Kind of like wheels within wheels all spinning around a central globe. Well, I imagine they used to spin around the globe. When it was working, that is.

I wonder if Raynor knows what this used to do? Speaking of which, where is my brother? If he really cared about me, he'd get over his fear of mechanical spiders and come down here and rescue me! Or, at the very least, toss me a rope!

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