Kinthal’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kinthal

Book added by Saints and Seducers From the Creation Club

Even though we no longer raid with the backstabbing Seducers, we still work for that wizard Thoron. He’s been paying us handsomely to turn over Ri’saad’s caravan, looking for any trinkets that seem strange.

A week ago we found a sword unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Thoron’s face lit up when he saw it. “This could be it,” he said. Something about a “bridge.” He’s probably lost it. No sword is worth how much he paid us for it. Won’t hear us complaining, though.

We see Thoron once a month so he can have a look at our spoils. Everything he doesn’t want, we split and sell. Nice and clean. When we’re done, he skulks off back to that lair of his in Solitude. What he does there is anyone’s guess.

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