Khunzar-ri: Tales, One

Author (in-game): Aneshi (transcriber)

Khunzar-ri and the Twelve Ogres

Transcribed by Aneshi, Keeper of Legends for the 16 Kingdoms

One day Khunzar-ri stopped by an adeptorium near Dune hoping to find shelter and sustenance after a long and tiring journey. Unfortunately, the adeptorium was overrun by a dozen drooling ogres.

“This isn’t good,” Khunzar-ri said as he watched the gluttonous ogres as they ransacked the premises from a nearby hill. He was particularly concerned when he saw them break into the stores of moon-sugar double rum. He was especially looking forward to the adepts’ potent beverage. Then Khunzar-ri had an idea.

“Oh, brave and mighty ogres,” Khunzar-ri called out. “Those barrels you found. Can’t you tell the rum has spoiled? I can smell that the liquid has gone bad from way over here!”

“Spoiled?” asked the largest ogre dubiously. “You can’t know that. We haven’t even cracked open a barrel yet!”

“Am I not Khajiit?” Khunzar-ri asked with all sincerity. “And aren’t Khajiit known for their most excellent sense of smell?”

“That is true,” said another ogre. “Everyone knows about cats and smell.”

“But I am thirsty!” complained the largest ogre. “I do not want to drink spoiled rum!”

“I have a suggestion,” said Khunzar-ri. “There is a Nedic fort a short distance from here. They have an entire warehouse full of rum and other spirits, and I did not smell a hint of spoilage when I passed by. To the contrary, it all smelled delicious!”

Happy to hear it, the largest ogre ran toward the Nedic fort, the adepts’ rum forgotten. With nary a pause, the other eleven ogres followed.

“Now,” said Khunzar-ri, “let us open that barrel and have a drink!”

“What about the ogres?” asked one of the adepts.

“What about them? They are the Nedes problem now.” And with that Khunzar-ri proceeded to drink the entire barrel, one mug at a time.

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