Khunzar-ri and the Demon: Part Two

Author (in-game): Moon-Singer Mizbina

An ancient Khajiiti myth as recorded by Moon-Singer Mizbina

In the time before time, when the sixteen kingdoms were young and like kittens at play, the great hero Khunzar-ri gathered a company of champions to combat the demon and his brothers. They had come to Elsweyr to steal the moons from the sky.

With Nurarion already at his side, Khunzar-ri turned his attention to the next champion he planned to recruit. “The power of the moons will be ours, little cat-thing,” taunted the demon. “How can two possibly hope to stop many?

Khunzar-ri said, “Because two shall become three, annoying demon. As soon as this one rescues Flinthild Demon-Hunter from the Ayleid lair of creeping ebony plants.”

These are the words, and the words are true.

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