Khunzar-ri and the Demon: Part Three

Author (in-game): Moon-Singer Satarri

An ancient Khajiiti myth as recorded by Moon-Singer Satarri.

In the time before time, when the sixteen kingdoms roamed with wild abandon, the hero Khunzar-ri gathered champions to deal with a terrible demon and his horde. With Nurarion the Perfect and Flinthild Demon-Hunter, he sought a third companion.

The demon said, “Oh, little cat-thing, you amuse us! How can three tiny morsels ever stand against us?” Khunzar-ri laughed, “We may be tiny, but we are persistent! And tricky, too, as you will see.”

Then Khunzar-ri turned to his Kra’Jun. “One more we need, a Khajiiti queen of renown. Anequina Sharp-Tongue, who loves to bask in the glow of the Big Moon when she reflects and thinks deep thoughts.”

These are the words and the words are true.

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