Khajiit’s Note

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Daedric Plate from the Creation Club

Khajiit finally got a lead on Edward. It seems he and his bandit friends fled north to Skyrim.

But when he spoke to the guard captain, he tells Khajiit the bounty on Edward has already been claimed. A ripe old adventurer showed up to the barracks on a horse, dragging the Breton’s corpse up behind him.

They tell Khajiit the body is buried at the far end of the cemetery in Falkreath. Khajiit will take a shovel and dig him up.

After all, there are ways to die and not be dead. Khajiit has heard of potions that mimic death, slowing the heart to barely beat. If so, then Edward might still be out there.

To that end, this one has heard rumors of a bandit wearing Daedric Plate, plying his blood trade at Knifepoint Ridge. Originally Khajiit did not think Edward the type to live in an abandoned mine. But now he is not so sure.

Edward may have fooled the guard, but Khajiit won’t believe he is truly dead until he sees it with his own eyes.

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