Kevon’s Note

Author: Kevon
Released In:

Book added by Dead Man’s Dread from the Creation Club

Fifteen men, a sunken treasure, and a lost ship. That’s what I left behind.

It took less than a day to sail to Blackbone Isle. Captain said we needn’t worry about the cold, so we left the furs and packed the steel.

Seemed like an odd thing. No one but us knew about this place. Still, didn’t matter much as we were making good time. I reckon we were about a league away from the cave when all of a sudden, the wind died.

They came up behind us, sabres rattling like ice wraiths. Next thing I hear is the screams.

I jumped onto the skiff, cut the bastard loose and started to paddle. Didn’t have time to look back.

Now, time’s all I got. Maybe if we had more men, or a sodding priest, we could’ve made it.

I’ve got the map at least. Hid it under a loose brick behind the bench. I just need to get out of this dungeon before the sickness takes me.

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