Karan’s Journal

Author: Karan
Released In:

8th of Frostfall

Oh, Talvur! Dear, sweet Talvur! I can’t stop thinking about him! Since that first moment I laid eyes on him in the marketplace, my heart was lost. But Father would never allow me to marry a commoner, much less a poor Dunmer miner. Mara, what to do?

11th of Sun’s Dawn

Another letter from Talvur, the third this week. He says he can’t live without me, that he’d rather die than lose me to another. Oh, I feel the same way!

I can’t abide this any longer. Father is sure to find out eventually – the maids are all aflutter over my “secret love.” Something will slip. Talvur and I must be long gone by then, or Father will have all the Reach up in arms against him.

22nd of First Seed

I’ve convinced Father to take me on his next trip out east. When we reach the inn at Old Hroldan, I’ll slip out at night and meet Talvur in the hills above Soljund’s.

Talvur says he’s been saving his wages for the last few months, stowing them away in the old stump up there. With that, we should be able to buy passage to Riften, and our freedom. Oh, love, I can’t wait another hour!

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