From the journal of Uldris Farelas, blademaster

Released In:
Author (in-game): Uldris Farelas

Today, I was invited to observe the training of recruits at Davon’s Watch and offer advice regarding their regimen. They were a ragtag assembly, with several Nords and Argonians in their midst. The outlanders’ disinterest in the formal drills was quite clear. Nords sighed heavily, Argonians’ eyes glazed over, and weapons clanged to the ground again and again to the sound of various curses. I noticed that every recruit held a Dunmer-style blade, and it was clear that the outlanders were not comfortable with them.

I suggested that the sergeant commission wooden practice weapons of every variety and begin sparring practice right away, allowing the recruits to use weapons they were comfortable with. Exposing them to differing combat styles will benefit them greatly as they learn. The desire to train using our superior weapons and in our tradition is admirable, but I fear it will only slow progress when time is critical.

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