From the journal of Tholmgar, smith

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tholmgar

Saw weird lights flashing in that Mages Guild again. I mean, I know that most kinds of magic make flashes of light sometimes, but these were just not right. Strange, purple lights! Who knows what they’re practicing in there? Probably summoning Daedra, and one of these days they’re going to break loose; I just know it.

Sure, the Mages Guild is a “respected” establishment, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it being right across the way from me! You can’t trust a bunch of mages holed up somewhere, with all their books and relics and spells. I’ll keep my eye on them, and I’ll continue bringing it up at the Jarl’s audiences, for all the good that’s done. If anyone finds this journal after Daedra pour out of there and destroy the whole town (mark my words, it’s going to happen), well, I tried to warn them!

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