From the journal of Ornenya

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ornenya

Ha! Finally caught them! It took practically all night, but now I know who—or should I say what—has been destroying the new footpath to my garden. The spriggans and their beasts tore up the stones, dug them out of the earth, and covered the area in moss and weeds again before my very eyes. Guess I owe Elenien an apology for accusing her of this nonsense.

The cursed pests ruined my entire garden this time by overgrowing it with vines, but I was too afraid to meddle; I’ve heard they can use dangerous magic. Perhaps I can get the guard to assist with this. I know we’re supposed to be careful in our interactions with the nature here, but I require that footpath! I will not be beaten by a bunch of tree-spirits!

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