The journal of Mehra Nerendas, Tribunal Temple

Released In:
Author (in-game): Mehra Nerendas

“Tribunes show mercy on my weak soul. I have begged leave from my duties to cloister myself and treat my heretical thoughts by copying sacred texts. How could I question the path Almalexia has laid out for us? A wicked seed has taken root in me, and I must purge it!

Since the signing of the Pact I have felt it, the gnawing and insidious doubt. The thoughts that maybe—dare I write it—Almalexia steers the Dunmer wrong in allying with two races of lesser stock, our former blood enemies and slaves. For shame! My faith is weak, and I am pathetic. I do not deserve to be among my brothers. I shall return to copying Their teachings and will not stop until this filth is expunged from my mind!”

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